New renovation project: the castle of Moulbaix

The castle of Moulbaix is located in Belgium near Ath. It was built in 1860 in a neo-Tudor style. The Govaert family bought the castle in 2016, to renovate it into a banquet hall with sleeping accommodation.

On the ground floor there is now a banquet hall, whilst upstairs stylish rooms are being redecorated. In order to comply with current fire safety legislation, the monumental stairwell has been compartmentalised. However, the Govaert family were looking for an elegant and sympathetic solution that fits the style of the castle. In addition, the upper parts of the doors and windows are arched, each arch varies slightly, because it has changed shape over the years. Everything was carefully measured by our surveyor to ensure that each arch way was a perfect match. 

We proposed our ClassicTeq range. A profile system that will cope with the practical aspects well whilst complimenting the architecture. This is an extremely flexible product that meets all customer requirements. To integrate the system with the moulding, we made final adjustments to the joinery on site. A bi-colour version was selected for the stairwell, a colour was chosen that closely matches the marble on one side, but along the aisle side everything is finished in a contrasting black finish. 

The fire-resistant doors and windows of the ClassicTeq range can be used in any building type, even to renovate a castle without detracting from its authentic character. 

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brandwerend glas
brandwerende glazen deuren
brandwerend glas
brandwerende glazen deur